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It’s all about feeling

Red Bull Music Academy landed in Paris and had one of the forefathers of modern French electronic music joining them on the couch: Laurent Garnier. I watched the entire lecture and found it very interesting.

You can’t do fuck all in 2 hours

If you do not have enough time, at least read this retranscription (by Thomas Galetti).

It’s funny how people find it weird when you ask as a DJ to play a long set. I found it very strange that today people fight to only do 2 hours. You can’t do fuck all in 2 hours. You play what ? 20 tracks ? 18 tracks ? It’s nothing. There is so much good music to be played.

And sometimes you know, when you get to the position where I am now, I don’t DJ that much and maybe sometimes people have been waiting to see me for quite a while, I think it would be very disrespecting for me to go there and just do an hour and a half set. Because I want to give them as much as I can, cause I like telling stories, I like playing records and there is so much music and I always have so much more than what I can play even if I do a 5 hours set.

And I am coming from the time where I used to open clubs and I used to close it. And for me, playing as a DJ is not about getting the crowd and drive them crazy. It’s fun to do that. But what I love is getting clubs when it’s empty. I love opening up a place when there is no one. Then people come down, they have a drink and then you know, you can play some very deep stuff or really slow music . I mean, I never understood a DJ that comes to an empty place and start at 128. Come on man, this is stupid. It’s true. You get to an empty place and BANG BANG BANG already. Come on, wake up you know. You need to take your time.

And for me, a DJ set is a ride, and you can’ t always be up there. You need to go up, and donw, it’slike a mill you know. It’s true. It’s all about feeling and seeing people who is in front of you, and if you have no one, well, just grill them slowly.

Laurent Garnier

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